Seeking to REACH those who need the grace of the Gospel and REVEAL new connections to God's family.

Making it REAL

  • To serve, worship and answer the call of our REDEEMER. He is at the core of everything we do.
  • To make His message REAL.
  • To build Christian RELATIONSHIPS with His people and to share the grace and love of the Gospel.
  • To RELATE the gospel grace of Christ to everyone who will hear it and explain eternal salvation is found in no one or no where else.
  • To RENEW Biblical precepts and teachings with emphasis on being the household of Christ as his family, serving Him.
  • To RESTORE those who have left Christ’s church with kindness, compassion and love, always presenting God’s forgiveness and faithfulness.
  • To REACH and minister to youth and young adults with gentleness, mercy and love, using the Bible as God’s communication of His will for His creation.
  • To REVEAL Christ by committing at a future time to being used to plant at least one other congregation in another part of the Abilene community.